Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Hate Inuckshucks

I hate even trying to spell inucshuck.

I hate seeing inukchuks on people's lawns and in public places- at airports and gas stations.

I hate people asking me to build an innuckshuc for them, instead of wanting a wall.

I hate seeing stones wasted in less than clever barely-human-shaped balancing acts when they could much better be used with a lot of other anti-inuckshuck material to create more structural, aesthetcally pleasing, longer lasting monuments.

I hate that people think inucsucks are clever.

And that the bigger they are, the more clever and impressive they are.

I hate that inchshooks have lost all connectivity with the culture they have been ripped off from.

On the other hand, an occasional Inuck-She? Is that so bad?