Monday, January 17, 2011

Underhanded Cover-up

There is a competent professional waller behind this white screen barrier. Yes it is a light-test to establish exposure level before doing a video interview, but in a way his identity is being kept secret as another kind of test. Possibly this is the man who built a certain infamous section of wall the photo of which was posted earlier this month on Thinking With My Hands - a section that has received all kinds of criticism, though it was not yet built to two stone courses high. The assumption was that it was the work of someone who didn't know what they were doing, someone who was incompetent and had built something which could have been done much better by unskilled trainees.

The question is - Is this indeed the man who built that wall? And if so, is the wall that he built any good?

It is up to you viewers to critique the logic of judging either things without more evidence. Granted if you think you know who did something and are wanting to discredit that person, it really doesn't matter how much of that person or his work you are allowed to see. But then again if you made a mistake you might have to scramble to cover it up. Thank goodness if we are 'thinking with our hands' there is no reason to be involved in this sort of underhanded behavior.


  1. Well put, Johnny

  2. Ditto, thanks.
    The scarlet pimpernel.