Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hands of Stone

We went to visit the accomplished sculptor John Fisher and his talented wife Sandy in Fort Bragg California yesterday. I first met John at the Marenakos Stone Fest near Seattle where he was teaching a stone carving course. The stone yard there has several of his amazing sculptures. John explained that he often doesn't use models or preliminary sketches, but rather starts into a piece of marble and explores what it wants to be. He discovers some amazing beautiful and sinuous forms.

A lot of his marble is shipped here from a quarry in Carrara Italy where John and Sandy have lived and worked for many years. After the biggest piece is worked and the form 'released' from the largest portion of the expensive white stone John will use the lesser pieces that he cut away from the block to sculpt equally as impressive smaller sculptures.

At their place on the west coast of California several evocative life-size sculptures, most of them emerging from big blocks of stone, greet you as you come up the driveway.

Sandy and John posed for this photo in a seating area created at the base of this stretching nude.

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  1. Beautiful people under a beautiful sculpture!