Monday, December 20, 2010

iMovie eClips

Inspired by the exciting news that tomorrow's winter solstice will coincide with the full eclipse of the moon, (something that apparently hasn't happened in nearly 500 years) I thought I would commemorate the event by trying my 'hand' at visualizing what a synchronization of the words 'Solstice' and 'Eclipse' might look like. After all, it seemed like they had enough of the same letters in them to attempt 'merging' the two words in a short animation.

These e-clips were created on Sketchup 7 and edited in iMovie.

As this seems a bit of a departure from 'thinking with my hands' and 'building with stones', I decided it would be appropriate to try to have the letters in both words be represented as monumental three-dimensional dry stone structures. The second half of the clip morphs back into the simpler black and white megaliths.

What do you think - crazy?

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