Thursday, December 2, 2010

Handy advise?

I understand that this creative dry stone feature was designed and built by Irwin Campbell at the Coffee Bothy at Blairlogie Scotland (near Stirling). We went here for a wee spot of coffee before we went back to building a wall in Crieff last week.

Unfortunately some of the stones are beginning to disintegrate. Sometimes you can run into trouble using this particular quarried sandstone, especially when it is vertically bedded.
It is usually obvious if the stones you are considering walling with are not going to be durable enough, but in some cases, even what appears to be perfectly good looking stone may begin to disintegrate after a short while.

Do any of the wallers who follow this blog have any experience with this sort of thing and have they any advise for our readers who are perhaps less familiar with this problem?

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  1. You can see many examples of this problem in the Ottawa area. The stone chosen to build the walls, both mortared and dry, has a very high clay content. As a result it has deteriorated quickly. Avoid shale like stone. This stone is usually readily identifiable - it feels soft, almost spongy, when you shape it.