Saturday, December 18, 2010

I know it's stone, but it's a DRY stone.

People tend to think that all stones are pretty much all the same.
Cold, lifeless and hard, right?
There are as many different kinds of stone as there are weather conditions.

Stonework too is different.
In a similar way that our experience of the same temperature can be quite varied depending on other factors such as wind and humidity. Certain stonework can seem more 'extreme' than it is
depending on whether it is 'veneer freezing', too damp impervious or just merely glorified breeze-block.

The fact is stonework comes in a variety of concrete forms. The more ce-mented they are the more orna-mented stones are likely to be. And then stonework becomes more of a matter of fashion than friction.

To a waller or a skilled stonemason, bed-faced stones (layed at right angles to their bedding plane) will almost always look funny. But it's no laughing matter.

As with different types of humour for instance, you can have a 'slap-stick' style of construction
where 'wide cracks' can form and are about as appreciated as dumb 'wise cracks'

Or, you can have a much more attractive type where, like 'dry' humour,
the material is thoughtfully arranged without any gimmicky sticky set-up time
and where structurally, you just 'get it' and smile with the look of satisfaction.

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