Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hand Picked

The little stones are important. The chips that we gather and bring to the wall are very usefull. It's not just the big ones that make up a wall. We may only see the huge stones in the wall when it is done but there are many more smaller stones there we cant see. These are all painstakingly placed there by hand to shim and pin the bigger ones. It takes time to do all the small fitting. Often these smaller stones are the very shards and fragments we have broken off the larger rocks while we have hammered and chiseled them. It seems fitting that the perfect wedge-shaped pieces we find to stop a big stone to stop from rocking in the wall are obviously pieces that were split off that very stone when we were shaping it.
Our hands feel these similarities of contour and texture. They make these associations and send the information to the brain.
And while we wonder what this may all mean, our hands look for another stone to put in the wall.

1 comment:

  1. It is the little shim no one sees that keep the big stone securely in place. They have an important role in keeping the bigger boulder from rolling over and falling off the wall.It's amazing how tiny they can be but still prove worthy to fill the empty gaps with heart.