Wednesday, March 27, 2024

We, the Hunter Gatherers

 Hunter Gatherer’s 🙌

The contours or these hands stencilled onto the rock by blowing pigment through hollow bones of animals they had hunted and eaten, is the art of conversation.

It is a conversation between positive and negative space.

They are conflicting entries written on stone

We are looking at a stencil pattern of ‘missing hands’.

We see contrasting colour and non-colour, defining shapes where those hands once have been.

The hands have long disappeared

And yet the missing hands are forever in conversation with the smooth rock .

And we ( by studying them ) join that conversation . 

We try to imagine what has been said and what we are to say back to hem now?

How do we ‘spray’ our response ? Where do we stencil in our spaces and non spaces . This is an archaic calendar, a primitive journal, of overlapping entries  

Perhaps when we perform our handiwork on the rocks, perhaps when we create art with them, we are leaving not just a mark, but a remark. 

We, the modern hunter gatherers, use that same material .  It’s ‘rock, all the time’ for us. 

Rock always was the canvas.

It’s where art is made. 

It's our canvas now .