Tuesday, March 19, 2024

We have a trade unlike any other

Imagine you had a job , let’s say you were a surgeon or a carpenter or a brick layer or a potter, and all to had to work with was irregular crap ?  Castoffs, from other jobs, inconsistent-sized, broken, disorganized piles of what have you ! 

The irregularity of the material wallers have to work with demonstrates how good a waller they really are. The best wallers can do great work with anything. 

If you spin gold from straw you are a professional in your trade . If you can make structural, well built , beautiful looking walls, with what you’ve been given , (or found in the fields around you ) without complaining , without relying on expensive pallets of ‘easier’ pre-squared, pre-dressed, creatively less-challenging material having to be delivered on site, then you earn the right to be proud and sit for a moment and contemplate how strange and wonderful our craft is .