Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Our New Hexagonal Pad

Our plan to build it there at the crossroads changed when our patron client crane operator and heavy material transporter informed us it would be too tricky to attempt to build a structure of that size in such a difficult place to get to. Plus the rains were coming and the stagecoach road would become a big mud slide. 

So we explored other options on the property and came up with a great one. The top of a prominent hill. Good access. Highly visible. And a nice veiw through the trees from the northern approach . 

And so began our laying down of the base line of our hexagonal  rock temple.  It had several other names back then but nothing was sticking yet.

Our plan was to measure everything carefully and create a six inch thick reinforced hexagonal concrete pad to build our structure on. (I was outvoted on building it without a pad.)

So Mark Ricard, Shawn Kelly, Sean Adcock and I set about forming it in, raking in the gravel, putting in the rebar, and spreading and levelling the concrete when it arrived.

It looks dazzling don't you think?

Sean stood holding makeshift upright concrete tools either side of him, to imagine the size of and where the first arched opening was supposed to go, and to get a sense of proper proportion. We had no idea how many Brenda's high it would be. 

From here on, we would be building everything else with natural stone . No devil's cream, or any of that horrible Devil's Porridge!