Sunday, March 8, 2020

Stones and the pattern of light.

That morning a lady came to the front with a different kind of stone. Not one from the island. It was one she wore as a pendant.
A clear amber colour. Was it a quartz or semi previous stone  I'm not sure.

She told us how important the stone was to her , a source of help in ways she wasn't quite able to convey, or me perhaps, I was unable to take in, except to realize it did seem like she had a hidden power in her hands.

She handed it to me and I tried to balance it on the delicate stack of stones I had started on the table.

Happily it balanced for me   
And at the same exact moment a single tiny beam of light from the sun set the crystal ablaze with colour.

The curtains had been drawn to enable projected pics (taken some time ago) to be viewed , and yet were prevented from being shown, because of the computer adaptor problem. This arrangement however had created enough darkness in the room to help focus our attention onto the lit up 'nowness ' of the thing that had just then been balanced . 

Those of us who were there will remember the feeling.
Maybe it didn't make sense .
There still isn't an obvious meaning or purpose to the lighting of the stones, except their being there, the pattern they're supposed to be.