Sunday, March 29, 2020

Our stone system

The earth is really just another rock in the wall, suspended like the other planets, within a system held together by gravity. It’s a system, like a dry laid one, where the right amount of space is needed everywhere to make the thing work. If the stones are too close the system collapses into itself, and ceases to be, like a black hole. If the stones are too far apart, the thing falls apart.

We are reminded that there is no Planet B, and, in the bigger picture, there really is no ‘System B’ that doesn’t use gravity . We are held together in this wall of space and time, and to imagine we can find a substitute way of gluing or welding or compacting the whole thing together is to embark on a planetary error.

It is not a closed system however. The openings and cracks in the wall (troublesome as they are) are there to let the light in. The sun is the biggest ‘opening’. It’s luminosity allows us to behold, and be held in, the planetary pattern of things. All the planets allow for reflection too. They’re all part of the system.

There is always a ‘pattern’ in every good system, as there is in every good wall. But there can be many different patterns possible - Pattern B, and C or D and so on. The pattern depends on the type of rock and the shapes they come in. There may be no ‘perfect’ rocks, or rock shapes  (or planets, for that matter)  but there will always be many perfectly good choices.

Our planet fits nicely into the system, right where it is. It holds up its part. It doesn’t take up too much space and it doesn’t block the light.
It’s a good system. 
It’s a good pattern of choices