Saturday, January 5, 2019

Sheep Folds

There are sheep in the folds
And folds in the sheep.

But not oppressed 
Safe in snuggly sleep

Fitted sheeps 
Tucked into corners 
To keep them from
Their sheepish fits.

No wrinkle of danger 
No cause to be afraid 

Rocks with flocks 
Hemmed in at every stage 
      So as not to in crease their chances of wandering straight off the...

Origami walls and ledges 
Neatly wrap the outside edges
From the straights
And from the narrows 
The sheep all safe from
Slings and arrows

Folded wooly blanket coziness
Enclosed and fully flanked in stoniness 
A shelter from unruly wind and cold
As safe as in the days of old.

origami 'mouton' by Beth Johnson
poem and illustration by me

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