Monday, January 7, 2019

Blind Folded

You can't stop that special stone from seeing. You can try to blindfold it but it still sees everything. And it still looks at you in that all knowing stone-like kind of way. It doesn't have to say anything. 

You can try to pretend you don't see it. Or rather, ignore the feeling that you have this sense that you both have some sort of special connection. You can try to imagine you don't need it. And that you can walk past it on the beach. 

Or you can think that you can just cast it off into the lake, and be done with it. 

Or better yet, bring it home and put it on a shelf, and that will be enough. Maybe write something on it. Draw over it.  Maybe just cover it completely with paint?

But in the end it still sees inside of you. It knows you better than you do. Because the connection is there. 

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