Friday, October 5, 2018

Why on earth?

At times like this, maybe sitting a rock bench, or surrounded by some natural rock formation, or maybe just standing in a circle of carefully fitted stones, I find myself wondering what on earth are we doing here. 

I ask myself ‘Why on earth are we here? How on earth, l wonder, are we supposed to figure anything out? And where on earth are we supposed find the answers?’

Perhaps the one important clue comes contained in the actual formation of these questions. It is on this ‘earth’, where we actually all are, that we come asking. All of us!  

As a mysterious collection of dust particles ‘it’ (the earth) is ‘what’ we all are ‘of’ too. And in the computer complex world of silicon chips, made from quartz found in the sand (found everywhere on earth) it seems we are discovering new amazing ways also to probe the frontiers of how and perhaps why we are the way we are.

The earth is the answer. Rocks of earth - made of a myriad of earth’s minerals - stones of all earthly sizes and shapes provide the bedrock foundation of knowing. 

The wonderful arrangements our earth takes, in the form of rocks and mountains and canyons, cliffs, islands, the endless shorelines of sand and pebbles , all these earthy things may seem abstract and incomprehensible, but the intuitive ‘knowing’ that comes to all of us with merely spending time in their presence, is undeniable.

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