Friday, August 10, 2018

The Best Camping Activity

Getting away, getting back to nature... the great outdoors holds so much attraction. For many of us the call of nature is so irresistible we manage to find some way each year to pack up and drive great distances in order to find a place where we can set up our humble camp in the wild, pitch a small tent and then sit and relax by some lake or river and take in the 'peace and quiet'.

This euphoric idea of being immersed, if only for a few days in the serene calm of such undisturbed surroundings, may only last a few moments however, when we actually get there. The bugs can quickly take their toll on our pioneer spirit and outdoorsy enthusiasm. So too, like the food in the cooler, our sleeping bags and yes, even our resolve to enjoy these precious moments away from civilization, may all get bit soggy over night.

The fact is after sitting for a while in the untouched surrounds of mother nature, eating and drinking, after going for that swim or hike, we will eventually get restless for something else to do. 

Some campers resort to gathering wood for fuel or gathering mushrooms for fun or rare wildflowers, others try checking their phones or just eating and drinking more .

As my associate Mark and I sat at our camp site contemplating our forest surroundings last week, we recognized that we were not restless at all. A perfect out door activity awaited us each day to engage our full energy in. 

We didn't have to wonder what to do or make up some project to pass the hours. There was a stone bridge to build. 

We found we couldn't think of doing anything more satisfying and enjoyable on our work-away holiday. It provided all the engagement two dry stone wallers needed to have a blast in the forest and yes, get paid for it. 

At the end of each day we rested fully satisfied in our progress of adding, stone by stone, a permanent natural arched passageway across a small stream ( all be it, dry at this time of year) built entirely of natural stone material, nothing else. 

It beat just building a dock or fitting stone steps down into the lake or making a fire pit or a stone footpath somewhere. It even beats balancing stones or making sand castles on the beach.

Camping and bridge building just seem to just go together!

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