Sunday, July 29, 2018

Old Rock

Old rock take a look at yourself
You're- a lot like me. 
Not much holding you down 
Mostly, g r a v i t y
In my wall, you might kinda ‘rock’
And then, what good would that be?

Old rock take a look at your shape
You’re a, lot more round.
Than other rocks in this place
That,  I have found
No way you’d stay in my wall
You’d-just,  fall down.

Old rock, take look at your size
You’re-just    way too small.
I use rocks much-more-square
Ones very large, impressively tall.
I can pile them faster that way
And my machine does it all!

Old rock take a look at my wall
Cuz it’s almost done.
I’ve got others to build
And they’re not much fun.
Maybe we’re not the same after all
You have the time,  (and) I’ve got none.

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