Friday, May 4, 2018

The Stage is Set - Part 7 of The Impatient Rock

A rock , not particularly big in the grand scale of the things, was about to put on the grandest performance of all, because?, well, it was ‘about time’!

A rock was about to change into its costume,
And enter the stage - an entirely new stage.
The rock was about  to BE the stage !
For something called ‘Life’
And the stage would BE life
The rock would become the complexity of the unfolding story, departing the silence of a lifeless universe.

Earth mother
Mother rock
Breeding ground of the universe ?
Behold something never seen before, in a cosmos of continuous unchanging space, there emerges a new thing.

Out of nothing comes something !
Out of space , a rock the size of earth is born, (infinitely impatient to ‘become’) inevitably becomes -‘alive’.
Prematurely ?
I think not.

What are the chances ?
Infinity to one?
Sounds like, given enough space,such  a ‘time’ might happen.

The eons of waiting are over. The chosen one has been chosen.
One planet-like rock takes on the universal coordinate of the animate.

In an infinite expanding universe of rocks and space,
Time ( like any good waiter) will eventually come back with ‘change’.

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