Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What Now?

Ever wonder 'What now is it’ ? There are so many different kinds of 'nows'. 

There are the long ones that you get a lot done in. There are the nows that are gone in a flash – that whole day of walling, and you got nothing done. Where did the time go? 

It's like, "what now?" There just always seems to be something. If it isn’t too late, it’s way too early. If you get the wall built on time, the materials cost too much. If instead of time and materials, you charge by the job, you end up in a race against time. 

I try not to look at my watch. I try not to watch what time it looks like. The clock in my truck is still on daylight loosing time. (It’s bad on gas too) I can’t figure out how to reset it. I know it says in the manual somewhere how to change the clock, but I don’t have the time to look it up.  

Anyway I’ve got a lot of rocks to set. Forget clocks. It’s way more important not to forget when, where and how to set rocks. And that's pretty simple – they either go forward (on the wall) or they go back. When the time comes I usually know what to do with one when I pick it up. It’s called being 'in the know'. And being in the know is as close to being in the now as I get. 

Most rocks are timeless, which means they're neither new or old. They are neither late or early.

I’m usually on time, I hate being late, but I just read somewhere that people that are late for everything live longer and are generally happier, more spontaneous, more optimistic. Good for them. Anyway, if that IS the case, I hope to learn how to always be late, one day.

You would think working with rocks would slow me down, but they don't seem to. Even when I try to go slow, they just go slower. They're in a totally different time zone from the rest of us.  I work with them everyday, and I usually end up going faster and faster. It's like a slippery slope. 

Anyway, I think the ones I’m working with now must be on rocky mountain time. I gotta go. I’m late.

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