Monday, November 13, 2017

Aesthetic Procrastination

This circular double garden terrace project at the back of a modern new house was a big one. After a steady month of three of us working full days, the dry stone work on these terrace walls was completed about this time last year. 

The look of the soil coming almost to the tops of the copes gave the walls more of an aesthetic appeal than having them all sitting fully exposed, above the grade of the terraces.

When my client's wife visited last winter ( after we'd cleared off ) she told her husband she loved everything except the upright copes. 

Reluctantly I agreed last spring to take them off and replace the upright copes with flat ones.

I did say however that we were busy (which we were) and was able to stall as long as I could until late August when I decided to make the phone call to say we were now able to come and change up the copes.

My client answered, "After enjoying our walls during out visits to the site this summer, my wife has really grown to like the look of the top stones on the walls now. Actually I don't think we want to change anything, thank you John."

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