Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Tilting Process

At the client’s property, in the gallery/studio space adjacent to where we were going to be building, we first placed the small sand box maquette of the ‘Tilted Garden’  to the angle of the rising sun.

We used landscaper’s spray paint to scribe a 9 foot 6 inch radius circle where the installation was to be built with a line on a north south axis. 

Our guy running the large backhoe really knew his stuff when it came to cutting the angle we wanted.

The stone supply, a large very random pile of limestone bedrock, was the result of what the backhoe had uncovered the year before digging a foundation for a new art gallery building on the property. 

For good drainage we filled 3/4 sharp clear gravel in along the lowest part of the crescent shape depression up to the height of the base that we would be building off of on that side.

There's what our preliminary excavation looked like from the gallery balcony.

Here's me trying to get my head round how we were going to build this thing.