Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bridging the Gap

A bridge to some,
where storybook stories happen,
invites all of us to span the time
between now 
and what will become...
- not just fancifully 
but actually possible 
using our imagination. 

A bridge to know
where special,
things happen along the way.
(Things just happen that way)

Friends and bridges like these 
are made, 
not by being 
professional or politically correct,
not by relying on modern adhesives 
or heavy machinery, 

Not by waiting for bridge financing 
or the banks narrowing 
our vision 
and trying to shrink our crazy stream
to something more fordable, 

Not by assessing all the risk factors 
and deciding it's too
too unregulatory chanciful, 

Not by imposing liability limits on our enthusiasm 
and making our babbling creek
some sort of impassible raging chasm.

But by building on and over
the same 
foundation of know 
how and when-to
that we've always intuitively understood. 

Learning how 
and knowing when the time is 
to make that creative connection,

And boldly bridge the gap.

And be only circumspect
in this respect
that we kindly ignore others who tell us 
'It can't be done'. 

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