Thursday, December 29, 2016

The dry stone toolshed

The short slideshow video documents the various stages of the cladding of an ugly old metal garden shed we had in our backyard, and didn't want to see any more.  Evan, Joe, Akira, and Corrie who were working for me at the time, built it with my help and supervision on breaks between bigger jobs over the summer, back in 2010. 

The stones we used ( mostly granite, limestone ,sandstone and schist ) were left over from several equally interesting dry stone projects we did that year. The huge stone roof slabs were brought in from a quarry up in Buckhorn Ontario.

The shed is still looking beautiful as ever and is presently vacant. We are thinking of keeping chickens in it next year, or maybe we'll make it available on airbnb.


  1. What will they think of this in a thousand years. Thanks for the post.

    Happy new year John.

  2. Beautiful! Will you be doing a workshop on building a roof like that?