Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The blank page and the undrawn comparison.

This Christmas I was given a blank Moleskine journal of 120 unlined pages. 

Inside I stare at the first blank page of my book. Just holding it in my hands I become acutely aware of the implied potential contained within. I recognize a responsibility and an opportunity, to find what it is and happily produce something of worth. 

This is not unlike having been given a fresh pile of stones to work with. Like the pages which are silently waiting to be filled, the stones too are waiting to be put together in some creative way. 

The New Year is waiting too. It is our new journey/journal into an, as yet, unsystematized, uncatalogued, delightfully unstandardized future.  

Fill the pages. Write the words. Arrange the stones. Connect the dots. Bring new order out of all that is disguised as 'random' and 'confused'.  Make a positive, loving, artistic difference in 2017. 

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