Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Many Times and Ways the Stones Get Stacked on the Irish Tower Project

A unique deposit of quartzitic schist in the Mojave Desert of Southern California is quarried by Sydney Peak Stone.

First it's gathered and stacked this way.

At Sydney Peak Qarry

Then it's stacked this way on pallets and shipped to Gualala

Then it's 'trial stacked' dry laid this way, before it's lime mortared.

To see how it fits around the trunk of the tower.

Then its stacked and wet laid this way in a special hot lime mortar

To make a permanent masonry structure

And after cutting it up and shaping of a lot more of it.

Many tons of it is dry stacked again in a preliminary cone shape in preparation for the roof assembly

And then dry stacked once more !

To create the tower roof - all dry laid !

Thanks to Amanda Stinson for the last photo

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