Monday, August 29, 2016

Docks and Rocks

Maybe I think too much about rocks. Coming down to the dock in the early morning last week seeing this beautiful scene I thought again about the importance of rocks  

For me the essential thing that makes this kind of tranquility even possible is not mist, it's what lies below. Under the calm surface of the lake below the dock are carefully placed rocks sleeping in a crib of timbers.

Timbers without stones would just float away. Docks without rocks would float away too if they weren't tied to the shore.

Rocks and stones are the unsung underwater underpinning of many of the best most permanent docks and warfs.

They may be wet but they're still dry laid.

Next time you dive off a dock think about it.


I had many alternative titles for this post. 
Here's a few that maybe would be just as good?

Stone Warfing 

Safe in their Crib
(Between the Railway Sleepers)

Sinking with my Hands

Stacking the Dock

 A base of Rock
for Rock Bass to hide in

Anchor management - Just Try to Get a Crib

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