Friday, October 9, 2015

Secret Walls

There is a trend amongst a growing number of wallers in North America where they submit to not having their dry stonework and artistic creations photographed, and are voluntarily restrained from having anyone see or enjoy images of their client's projects posted on the internet.  

I have always maintained that dry stone walling needs to be promoted in Canada and the best way to do that is give examples of good workmanship a high profile. The first wave of wallers in Canada came across the craft  (and got better at it) partly through seeing the excellent work of wallers in Canada, and others from around the world, posted on the internet on flickr and Facebook and blogs (like this one). 

These younger wallers shouldn't give in to clients insisting that their work not be available for others to look at. People need to be inspired and allowing art to be cloaked and muzzled is giving in to a unpleasant client-serving censorship.

It is one thing to not allow people on your property. It is another thing to keep people from seeing the creative way stones have been laid on it. Dry stone artists should not let themselves, or the images they take of their work, be owned or censored.

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