Saturday, October 17, 2015

David Allen

David Allen of Stone Point Studio never ceases to amaze me with his unique brand of stone balancing. 

This recent full-circle dry-laid prototype of Davd's is now my favourite. Interestingly it solves a problem I was working on a couple of years ago. wheels without mortar 

Well done David !

You can read what he has to say about this ground breaking solution to the non-mortared no-shouldered stone moongate challenge on his Facebook page 
And you can see more of his cleverly photographed work there too. 

I first became familiar with his work some years ago on Instagram where he displays (on an almost daily basis) an inspiring array of stone creations he dreams up and then accomplishes. 

Many of his pieces seem absolutely impossible. On visiting his website I was pleased to see that he posted a YouTube showing the process of him successfully balancing one collection of five irregular shaped stones. I would love to see how he does some of the other amazing 'balances'.  

The ones I like particularly are the dry stone moongates which form magical looking circle,square,diamond and heart shape openings. 

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