Thursday, June 11, 2015

All You Need Is Stone

Tonight, Thursday 7 pm June 11th, I will be giving an audio-visual presentation 'Stone Alone' at the Port Hope Library, in Port Hope Ontario. I'll be examining one of the least valued natural resources we have in Canada and consider the singular method of best creating a 'sense of place' with it.

While it's hard to leave them alone, in that we all like to collect them, play with them, and many of us, make things with them, maybe it's time to see stones in the singular. Although stones are very inclusive and in combination aesthetically pleasing, the time has come to appreciate stone alone!

Here in Canada we have plenty of stone.

It is a valuable commodity just the way it is found, collected and/or quarried responsibly

It is not always used properly.

But thankfully there is a resurgence going on now.

With some basic skills the art of 'building with stone' to create walls without mortar, has started to take off in Canada.

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