Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Indian River Job.

Last week we were working with mostly native material on the 'Indian River' job. 

WeatheredRock and ManySmoothStones came in very useful at first. The reserve came in later. BrokenFlagstone was particularly helpful.    

As much as we could, we avoided PinchedFingers and having the notorious RunningJoint anywhere on the project. We worked well with HeavyLedgeRock and this was better than having RocksWithNoFace slowing us down. 

The peaceful sound of LappingWater kept everyone in good spirits while we worked. We have TwoStepsFurther here to compete the project up to where OneLargeTree is standing. Hopefully CrumblingLimestone won't be a problem in the future and FastRisingWater and RollingBoulders won't come and wreck what we have done .

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  1. SummerDays and FinerWeather look to be making the IndianRiver job a PeacefulMeetingPlace for TakingBreaks and StoryTime.