Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shrinking dog house?

Is it me or is Farley's dog house is getting smaller? I'm told he's still a puppy and will be growing for another 8 months. I may have to build him a new one.


  1. He's getting to be a big beautiful guy.
    I look at your wonderful shed and I am always amazed by the variety of colours in the stone. What kind of stone is it?

  2. Thanks David. It is made of left over material from five other dry stone wall projects. It has flat granite from Minden, chocolate limestone from Madoc, some glacial fieldstone from the Beaverton area, limestone dolomite from Buckhorn and some sandstone from Kingston.

  3. I love this shed. I also love that the rusty old one is there underneath. I think of it often when trying to hide the horrible garden sheds you find in every town garden over here.