Sunday, April 13, 2014

MacPaint 1984 !

Apple turned 30 years old this year.

MacPaint was a dynamic on screen graphic program that ran on the original Macintosh 128 computer back in 1984. I was fortunate to have my father in law hand me down his old Mac 128 after he had bought a newer Mac. That would have been 1985. 

For me (and for many of us back then) the concept of being able to 'draw' on a TV screen using a plastic device pushed around on a foam pad was mind blowing! 

MacPaint was the program that started the whole digital imagery revolution. I spent hours and hours applying square pixels, connecting dots and painting with black and white patterned textures to make what now look like pretty primitive pictures. But what a joy to be able to go back there again.

Read about a new online reproduction of that original MacPaint 1 program here.

How many readers remember this image ?

Back in 1985 we were living on a 150 acre farm in Cannington Ontario. This was our barn.  I painstakingly 'drew' it back then on my Macintosh computer screen from a non digital camera photograph using that original  MacPaint program.  I remember applying, erasing and reapplying all the dots in the image above. I think it took me more than one evening.

Just for fun I tried to draw a dry stone wall yesterday on the new Cloudpaint /MacPaint. I think I've forgotten a lot.

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