Saturday, June 8, 2013

Goodbye Miles

We had to have Miles put down yesterday. I'm taking a break from thinking about stones today to say goodbye to one really fabulous friend and companion. This video was taken overlooking a small brook that ran through the woods behind the vet's office which Miles and I happened to discover while waiting for Maddy and Mary to arrive at the vet's to be there with him at the end. Strangely, Miles would never drink water from a bowl. He only drank from the creek on our property or some natural water source. It was gratifying to see him be able to enjoy one last drink this way, just before he went on his way. We will remember you fondly, Good Buddy.


  1. I am sorry to see Miles go.

  2. I know the feeling well. All the best to you, Mary, and Maddy.

    Patrick C.

  3. It's a sad day when they go.