Saturday, June 29, 2013

Festival Gathering Momentum

Walls Without Trowels

Sean Donnelly half way though the DSWA test to obtain his advanced certification building a retaining wall in Alton

My son and amazing chef, Colin Shaw-Rimmington walling with the best of them

Andre and Dan sharing a beer, wearing shirts that celebrate the evolution of walling in Canada

Craig and Randy arrive at the festival to represent Trow and Holden Tools.

Walling in Yoga pants. 

Algonquin Heritage Masonry College student  Marisa helps out doing some hearting.

Menno Braam, who recently obtained his initial DSWA certificate congratulates Sean Donnelly who passed his advanced at the end of yesterday.

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  1. thank you thank you Shawn,Norman,John, Jane and all the wonderful people who came through my back yard during the festival,hope y`all come back soon. Barry Y.[sign saver]