Sunday, November 4, 2012


Think about how easily we say that were 'stumped' by something.
Whether it be as simple as wondering the whereabouts of our missing keys or as problematic as coming up with what to have for supper, when we say were stumped we probably are using the term a little too loosely

We should reserve the idea of 'getting stumped' for the really really big things in life.
For instance, when we look at a really big stone we might legitimately get stumped as to how to move it. 

But then the pioneers had these same kind of problems with things like big stumps and stones too.

And yet they weren't 'stumped' even then.

Hercules Rock and Stump Lifter being pulled by a team of Oxen, Stockholm, NY

Back when clearing land was the only thing that you did year in and year out, until you had enough of a patch to farm, huge rocks were often moved with the same type of 'machine' that they devised for removing stumps. 

Some used pulleys, some used variations of corkscrews, and some used huge metal geared things powered by horses. How did they work exactly - I don't know,  I'm stumped, I mean, it's a bit of mystery to me as to how they did it. 

Who knows anything about how they lifted and hauled these huge stones out of the bush and put them in walls? 

It's worth doing another post on, I think.

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