Monday, February 10, 2020


This January our intention was to create a pleasing 6 sided dry stone hexagonal structure that incorporated 6 different types of stone and had 6 openings ( three segmented arched doorways and three arched inner niches )

We learned about ourselves and each other as we shared the various tasks of measuring shaping sawing grinding dressing and fitting . All this was done with a realization that even though accuracy was tremendously important it was inevitable that imperfections would have to be assimilated. 

As the thing grew and began to take shape we sensed that what we were building was in no way perfect but rather a kind of temple of imperfections . That is, a place where we accept how certain imperfections if accommodated correctly can be what makes a piece perfect. After all, is it not possible that imperfections can accumulate in such a way as to cancel out each other and so not be imperfect at all, but begin to approach something, quite delightfully, the opposite?