Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sun to Moon

Farley and I watched the sun fully go down yesterday through the empty moongate, as the evening light became more intense, and as the surrounding stone silhouette became more muted and subdued. 

It was visual poetry. The shape and presence of the huge 'mantle clock'- looking structure seemed impressively real in those closing moments. 

Nothing seemed rushed, or plastic. Nothing felt urgent. 

I thought, by contrast, of the energy it took to align all those tons of stones so carefully, and yet on time to finish exactly fifty years after the first moon landing. 

I was thinking not just about all the flat stones laid so energetically around the circle in the geometric radiating pattern, but the massive side shoulders, where a good number of people had clambered over the moongate for three days, toiling to add stone after stone, and thus together create the final structure, with the finale coinciding so perfectly with that memorably momentous moondate. That impressive structure is now a monument, a circular gateway arch, to peer at, and contemplate, the silent, still, peaceful energy of the moon. 

We were joined later by Brian, Georges and Reggie, in time to, and in hopes of, watching a 'nearly' (one night early) first full moon since the moongate was built, 24 days ago. We were fully expecting it to fully rise in the northeast sky last night, and so I had carefully aimed the time lapse camera in order to catch the arc of the moon travelling through ( or should I say across? ) the opening

To our surprise the moon rose much more south than we anticipated. The camera never got the sequence we were looking for. 
However, we will get that quintessential time lapse one evening, but it won't be this month. 

Nevertheless, with our iPhones in hand  we all gave it our best shot and wanna give you that best shot now, (below) cleverly taken by Georges, on Georges's iPhone,  with Reggie, our special effects technician, directing her iPhone in flashlight mode, for much needed inside back-lighting.

At one point in the evening, Brian and I discussed the fact that we revolve around the sun, and that similarly, the moon revolves around the earth. 

And so, in a certain light; we are the sun to the moon.