Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hexa going going gone

There are times even in dry stone walling when pouring a pad is the best way to go. So that’s the way we’ve gone We decided that the arched hexagonal structure I had designed previously for another area of the property needed even more of a level solid base of concrete now so as not to leave any possibility of the ground shifting .

We formed the sides, compacted the middle, and then, cleverly reinforcing the hexagon theme with an appropriately configured pattern of rebar, we filled the entire shape with 9 inches of concrete, which ended up being the whole nine yards. (actually, more like eleven)
After leveling and smoothing the pad, we agreed to wait five days before starting to build.
Finally, after days of planning and measuring,and much back aching labour, (and many hosings down of the pad to ensure proper curing of the concrete) the hexagram project was on its way.
I’m delighted to tell you, the hexa’s gone well so far.

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