Monday, March 19, 2018

Multi-Dimensional Stone

Time is a kind of weird 'extra' dimension that can be added to the three dimensions that we commonly understand 'space' to be.  

How would four dimensions look if we tried to show it the same way we see this three dimensional cube (above) on your two dimensional iPhone or laptop screen?

Below is a view of hypercube rotating in four dimensions, where (in four-dimensional space) all eight cubes are always the same, but here are being visualized as having perspective, just the way the rotating three dimensional cube is being 'visualized' in two dimensions above.


There are lots more dimensions, scientists tell us.
Time is divided into three dimensions. Past, present and future. So that makes 6 dimensions already.

How do we show a 6 dimensional object? - Say a three dimensional object (like our cube) as it is as it was and how it will be, - visualizing all 6 dimensions on the same screen?

I'm not sure.

Then there are the dimensions of 'possibility'

How many?

Scientists can't say, but we know there must be lots !

But here's the thing, I figure that stone contains all the dimensions.

Stone is all 'potential', in '3d space', and in past, present and future 'time'.

Don't ask me how I know. I just know.

And so, because we've been given so many dimensions to work with, anyone who understands and tries to create with it, will always be able to do really cool things with the stuff.

Dimensions in stone 

Thanks to Nick Leung for explaining and demonstrating some of these concepts on his website.

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