Thursday, January 11, 2018

Boulder Wall

How do the little stones escape the pull of the boulders? 
There has to be an explosion
But can it be delayed?
Like some clever food preparation.
Let the stones be like words 
Describing the main thoughts.
The sentence structure alluding to a central theme that ties the boulders together,
Yet each is mysteriously held in space 
As if unsupported
The arrangement of 
smaller boat's with their flags (flagstone?) celebrating the arrival of a large ship into the harbour
Not touching.

How many variations can there be ?
Radiant spiral herringbone horizontal vertical
Or what ?
Never random!
They must have a sense of something?
Symmetry perhaps.
Or order of an unconscious kind
Ramblings But always with a strong sense of meaning.
Nature rambles for a reason.
Man must understand and not just create meaninglessness. 
Repetition is the clue - And the technique. 
Transforming nothingness into something
Even the
The circle can transition into something other. 
And not just the common spiral,
It can tip toe into all kinds of lacy positive/negative spaces.
Where the axis become a doorway
Into another changeless allusion to infinite mass.
The boulders perch united by distance ,
Held together like a tapestry 
Of ideas trying
Different approaches to the same question -
What are these stones doing here ?
How are they making a statement? 
The artists goal -
How to make them not seem tame or timid or merely set in another clumsy installation
Simply put

What is a bolder wall ?

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