Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tears of Joy?

If we are building a wall where a new house is being built, sometimes we finish the project before the clients actually see it competed. On occasions like that, when they do come to the job site as we're cleaning up, it's great to see their expression and get all their enthusiastic feedback. 

I'm glad to say that usually they're over the moon about what we've built for them. 

But clients do tend to show their excitement in many different ways. On one or two jobs I've actually seen something that looked very much like tears of joy.

But they weren't. 

It seems wives particularly can get pretty emotional about vertical coping, and not in a good way. They may even start crying. They'll say something like, " all those pointy upright rocks on the top make them look like prison walls. "

In these rather unfortunate situations, we usually end up removing all the vertical copes, and just leave the top flat.

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