Sunday, January 1, 2017

What's the world with no Stone?

Having trouble hearing more and more, (or is it less and less ? ) and now, as I often do, mistakingly hearing different lyrics than the ones being sung, and as the events and projects of 2016 fade into the background, I imagine Joe Dukie vocalist for Fat Freddy's Drop asking the musical question - 'What's the world with no Stone' (instead of no 'soul' ) and in reply I have gathered together images and video footage of stone things I've done (or worked on) and people I've worked with this past year, along with pics of other work, (both mine and other sculptor, mason, waller artists that I saw in the past 12 months), in order to provide evidence that yes indeed the world would be a much lesser place without STONE. Love to you all and wishing you 'wall the best' in the new year and looking back at all the cool stuff we did I think maybe 2016 wasn't that bad. ( Thanks too to Mark Ricard for introducing me to this song.)

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