Monday, March 30, 2015

Found Out

During a memorable dry stone walling workshop a few years ago in British Columbia I announced to the students that we were going to have another, what I like to call, 'walk around'. This is where everyone stops working to discuss the quality of the workmanship on the wall to whatever height it has already been built.

After going over a few sections commenting on the placement through stones and how well the hearting had been done, etc, my students watched in anticipation as I removed a stone from a questionable part of the wall saying, "Let's see if the person who put on this stone 'hearted' it properly underneath ". 

Not only was there very little hearting done below, a name tag lay inside the wall cavity. It had obviously fallen off her jacket. Everyone groaned. How could she deny she had been working there?

Jane quickly protested. "I've been framed!"

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