Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More from the tower build

Mark Ricard waves to the workers on the ground, nearly ten feet below 

Patrick McAfee, incorporating a traditional style of stonework, pounds smaller 'pin stones' into the larger spaces created by the lime mortar between the builder stones. 

David Claman makes sure the joints are finished properly to ensure the final mortar surface is flush. It will have the correct texture and grainy look (with tiny specks of aggregate exposed ) when it is worked with brush.

Thirteen steps are now in place.

They each have 12 inches of tread at the widest point.
There are at least ten more to go.

Kyle Schlagenhauf has carved a beautiful candle niche for the inside wall near the bottom of the staircase

The tower already has a commanding view down to the ocean.

Monroe waits for the huge granite lintel to be hoisted into place.

Matt Driscoll checks the final measurements for the lintel he has been shaping an dressing for several days.

The front door lintel is set into place on a bed of lime mortar using a chain hoist and a tripod.

 Next phase will be October 2015


  1. Kudos to Patrick McAfee and company for their diligent and laborious commitment to the lighthouse tower. It's truly the work of accomplished masons with a flare for whimsical fairy tales.

  2. W ow!!!
    AhMazing!!' Live Live and Peace.
    Califonia rocks man.
    Woot. Wooto.