Friday, May 24, 2013

Puppet Show for the Initiated.

Saint Patrick and the snake put on a show for us while we built the 'singles' wall around the dry stone Irish Clochan  at Stonefest yesterday.

This is a wall for unattractive unattached stones to get a chance to meet others.


The final look is kind of an acquired taste. This is definitely a connoisseur's wall. While it is a good use of stones, strong, well fitted and extremely functional, the jagged outside planes of the wall make it hard to appreciate, unless of course, one understands that walling with awkward stones includes a number of traditional techniques which don't necessitate constantly smashing them into block shapes with hammers.


  1. Have you ever seen Pat eat potatoes? It's really something. It's almost as if he's mad at them.

  2. Unattractive stones make a much more beautiful wall. It makes the walls in the background look silly. That wall is Powerfully Strong!