Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cairn instead of Fightin'


– They seem never to have been a warlike race; passing through their country, we once observed a large stone cairn, and our guide favoured us with the following account of it: - 
    "Once upon a time, our forefathers were going to fight another tribe, and here they halted and sat down. After a long consultation, they came to the unanimous conclusion that, instead of proceeding to fight and kill their neighbours, and perhaps be killed themselves, it would be more like men to raise this heap of stones, as their protest against the wrong the other tribe had done them, which, having accomplished, they returned quietly home."
David Livingstone writing on men of peace.
Narrative of an expedition to the Zambesi.

The 14 foot tall cairn DSWAC built in Canada at Royal Ashburn 


  1. A lovely idea . There is no doubt that much anger and frustration can be released by building with rocks and stones. They seem to have a patience and strenth that holds a lesson for us all.

  2. Perhaps thats the problem for certain wallers, who shall not be named, that much anger and frustration is merely released.

  3. When you are trying to build a wall sometimes there is just that one stone that doesn't want to work well with the others in the place you are at that moment. It's worth just putting that stone aside and stop wasting energy on trying to force it into a place where it just doesn;t want to be. The time you spend trying to force the stone to cooperate you could be building along with the easier to deal with stones. Eventually after a while an opportunity for that stubborn stone to work will present itself. I always find that the opportunity will present itself usually when you stop trying to make it work. It's better when the stones during a build get along but it's not always the case and if time is constantly wasted on trying to deal with that one stone the progress in the construction of the new wall is slowed down to a snails pace.


  4. That is interesting. I have only seen cairns in pictures, but had no idea why they were built. I really like the idea. Please tell me more. Are they hollow core or stone filled? Did the builders use a form or trammel?I know at some point I'm gonna' try and build one of these. They're purpose is motivating...& I got issues...Lol

  5. They probably used a trammel yes. Good luck with your resolving issues. Let us know how it goes using stones.