Monday, June 24, 2019

To bee or not to bee.

We completed our bee bowle structure yesterday. The bees in the ‘skep’ you see in the niche on the right , loved it. The bees on the right have not arrived yet.

The entire project including a lovely set of stone stairs, a large retaining wall, a tree well, an access ramp, several niches, bee sculpture and other carvings was created by the friendly gathering of dry stone enthusiasts and professional instructors you see here.

My two best helpers Christina and Helena sat down for a brief moment for a photo before Helena (on the right ) had to return to the Czech Repepublic.


  1. Great to meet you again at Stein und Wein, John. Much was achieved over the duration of the 30 degrees heated days. The beauty in the outcome of the attendees efforts will enhance the Gartenbauschule landscape and contribute positively to sustainability for many future generations. Moving, dressing, carving and laying c.110 tons of stone was not an easy workload to carry in the prevailing weather conditions but it was happily carried out with people buzzing around in laughter, perspiration, enjoyment, cooperation and knowledge sharing, supported by our inspirational host and ice cream man, Helmut Schieder.

  2. Thanks Eddie What a great time it was . So glad you and Christian were there . And Thea and the rest .