Thursday, February 24, 2011

Relics from the present.

Some years ago we built a scaled-down, rather whimsical version of Stonehenge out of large (industrial size?) bales of straw. It came from an idea I had when it occurred to me how monumentally suggestive the landscape had become as more and more fields in Canada were dotted with these modern agrarian megaliths. It was exciting to do and very rewarding to involve others in the community of Port Hope, a town we had recently moved to.

The thing was curiously immortalized on a website in August of 2004. I had originally planned to add more photos and updates and perhaps include news of other fanciful landscape installations. I got busier and busier with the Dry Stone Wall Association in Canada and the Strawhenge website unfortunately got completely neglected.

Now I can't even remember how to get back into the site to change it (even to cut the grass, which must be terribly overgrown by now). I have had many correspondences with the webmaster and even he doesn't have the password or know how to reconfigure the administration page to enable me to update it or dismantle it. And so it remains in cyberspace, a peculiar site – a virtual relic on the information highway – which people may hear about and come to visit or just happen see through the screen as they pass by (not unlike the real Stonehenge I suppose)

Anyway, there are many other fascinating websites devoted to unusual 'henges', most of them better maintained than mine. Here is one that I really like