Friday, February 18, 2011

Components of one hands-down very successful California workshop

Good hands-on instruction

Meaty Cheekends

Dual purpose project

Lots of stile

Bamboo Pen

Cornerstone Seating

Spell Binding Spiral Bonding

This time we've switched it up
with a rare photo of a completed DSWAC workshop
everyone's hands in the air.
(But really, inside we're still all waving our arms wildly and shouting "Hooray")


  1. The setting looks to me like some kind of Stone Heaven. 'Tis a testament to the group's discipline that nobody appears to be drooling (as I would be with stone lust) in the photos!

  2. thanks dan
    it was a bit like a waller's candy shop.

  3. Definately a candy shop. The participants had a chance to work with many different stonetypes. Granite boulders, gneiss stiles, sandstone flags and lintels, quartzite coursing, andesite cheekends, igneous sonoma copes, and schist throughs. Places like this are industrial but great to learn how different stones are formed and behave with a hammer.... or misbehave!