Sunday, July 17, 2016

Why stones try to stick together.

You guys all okay?

Yup, but I wish I knew where we were going.

Me too.I'm scared. 

It's going to be alright, really!  

But it's so bumpy and noisy. 
And everything is flying by so fast.

I'm feeling sick. I think I'm gonna heave if we don't slow down soon.

Just hold on tight to one of us, little stone.

Where do you think they're gonna dump us?

I don't know.
But I'm guessing, there's no way we are gonna be able to find our way back to the others.

We should have tried harder to get away from that horrible rock catching machine.

It would have been no use. 
Playing dead is the only defence we have.
If they ever found out we were alive, that we had feelings, that we were not just a bunch of stupid inanimate objects, they'd hunt us down like wild animals for sure. 
We'd be extinct. No, it's best to stay low and take the line of least resistance.

Our weight and hardness is our only defence.
This way we get left alone most of the time.

Look at the stars.
They know.
They've learned to stay quiet.
To keep their distance.

Let's huddle closer guys.
What ever they do to us let's try to stick together, no matter what happens.